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The Survivors


Though the dark and all the fears,

Let go of all those falling tears.

Memories dorm the places within,

Fear, resentment, and pain had set in.

Release the sadness from your heart,

Go back to the beginning, back to the start.

Find the innocence, seek the meaning,

All the while your heart’s still beaming.

Deepen your sense of the one within,

Unlock the mystery of immortal sin.

Forgive the takers of loves great joy,

See their world as they act so coy.

For deep within them lurks the same quest,

Stand tall, smile often, give LIFE this chance,

All in the embrace of its bittersweet dance.

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In this Path 3/18/18

In this Path 3/18/18

On this path:
1.) We meet people
Some are good and some just lost.
Some are meant to be in our lives for awhile.
Some are there for the long journey.
Others we meet can just be a test as to how we react to them.

2.) We must treat them with respect and love:
Tolerance of their viewpoints can be hard!
But, who are we to judge their belief system.

3.) Show mercy over wrath:
Being judgemental will have many repercussions on us. (our spirit, our emotional side, and overall being.)

4.) Mercy:
Showing mercy to people can help them on their own path.
Even a fool who knows he’s a fool has one up on the one who just shouts and screams.

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Reflective Pool 10/16/17

Reflective pool

A Candle burns on a clean wick.
Orange flames burn a thought of a tick.
Spirited light shines in the dark.
A dance of old didn’t embark.

Lustful nights didn’t shine a star.
Falling stars are dismal and far.
A path of love is a journey,
Evil leads to a dark gurney.

On the wick, my candle burns clean.
Fires burn the ember ash clean.
Thoughts of distant passions cease.
Oh, how I love spirited peace.

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Meditating on our lives 3/4/18

Meditating on our lives 3/4/18

Maturity comes with age and circumstances.
Guilt is a built-in reminder never to do something again.
In meditation, we learn discipline plus we learn humility and wisdom.
If we listen to our higher self in meditation: we do become more happy, and wiser in this life.
Shall we never try to improve ourselves at all in this life?
Evolving one’s thoughts and ourselves is something we are meant to do.
Sometimes in meditation, I will see an image, and I will focus on that image to see what the hidden meaning is.
I will ponder in thought over my meditation sometimes for a few days to better understand the meaning of that image.
I eventually figure it out, and it is usually something simple, but yet I had forgotten.
We must always remember to be grateful for our lives, and for our friends and family.

Sometimes we are reminded of that when we meditate to always be grateful, and to treat others with love and respect.

Remembering these things along our path in life will help us evolve.

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Phenesis News for Febuary.



Well, for some of my long-time followers you have seen phenesis grow, and thank you for the support and emails.

What is new at Phenesis? We have added a lot of new items to our store, and pictures to our gallery.  We do hope that you like them.

We have actually been spending some time on Seo stuff.  Enough of that boring stuff though.

Things coming soon in the upcoming months will be in April to Maybe about September, An actual meditation class for beginners in our local area.

We feel that by doing this it will help some people out who have a hard time on meditating.

We are also gonna be having a sale on certain things in our store, and that will be coming soon.

Phenesis will be adding some new stuff to our site for meditation.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Any questions feel free to email us.

Oh, yeah to the few who asked when will Phenesis be doing a newsletter?

We will be doing a newsletter by mid-March!

Everyone have a great week!




(That embroidery set is only $5 click the pic.)


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Why use your creativeness#2

Why use your creativeness#2

If I am an artist, or just a person wanting to get better at my writing or sculpting, shouldn’t I just use my creative ability?
When a kid starts riding a bike don’t they start with training wheels.
I didn’t learn how to ride a bike with training wheels.
My sibling’s bike got wrecked quite a lot.
I first started writing I had ideas and wrote quite a lot.
I kept writing daily every day nonstop.
I finally started seeing the creative ideas flowing through me constantly.
I had more ideas about different things to write, and the words just flowed in my head.
*practice your creativeness.
*Don’t hesitate on your passion.
*Believe in yourself.
*Ask other artist’s or writers.

You will get better at your hobby whatever it may be.

(click the pic if you want, it takes you to some art brushes.)

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Reflective pool 2/17/18 From last summer

Reflective pool #10 8/9/17
Summer has been very serene.
A heart and soul colored earth green.
Peace within: is love’s joyous charm.
Gold, pink skies overcast an old farm.
Meditate on morals for peace.
Misery and Pain aren’t peace.
Give by an act of charity.
Love all for real humility.
Summer has been very serene.
A heart and soul colored earth green.
I now see love in self, not pain.
A light shines through the window pane.
(Click the pic if you want.)
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Creative wings 2/15/18 (originally written 2/16)

Creative wings

Walk with me on thy path of this spiritual journey of life.
Fly with me in the air and beyond the nightlife.
See the sun’s shadow on thy stars.
Let’s fly and see the red planet Mars.

Journey with me and let’s dance on Jupiter’s rings.
Have some blue tea with me on Neptune’s cold springs.
Embark with spiritual wings to the milky ways, abstract art.
Let us fly to Saturn and hear an old masterpiece of Mozart.

Let’s go beyond a wormhole,
And avoid a dark black hole.
Flying high and connecting the stars magical dots.
In a creative imagination: there’s never any knots.

(Create some passion in your life, click the pic if you’d like.)


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Why use your creativeness 2/10/14

Wow, why should I use my creative abilities?
Let’s use our creative abilities to see how artistic we are.
Use your creative ability to design some piece of art that you will love or that someone else will like.
I write poetry and sometimes short stories, to help release some stress, and we all know that we get stressed out!
Practicing our creativeness will allow us to get better at them.
I myself can’t even draw a stick figure, and that’s no lie!
I can honestly tell you if you practice your creativeness you will be amazed on how much better you get, and also you might even find a secret passion about something you didn’t know you ever had.

You might not be the next Vincent van Gogh, but hey you never know.
Believe in your creativeness and practice it.


P.S. show your passion like that amethyst.

(click on the pic to see a nice tutorial art book.)

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One, two, three flakes 2/7/18

One, two, three flakes 2/7/18

One, two, and three flakes fall from snow.
Tree canopies howl and do blow,
From a nor’easters cold iced wind.
Winters season hath been too kind.

One, two, and three flakes fall from snow.
One, two, and three flakes fall from snow.

Whiskers froze to a man’s old face.
Greyed hair is dyed white like lace.
The trees limb spills snow on his head.
Shake off that white snowy bedspread.

Old man, go home and have coffee.
Have some sweet and tasty toffee.
Let the nor’easter cease cold wind.
The day morrow shall be too kind

One, two, and three flakes fall from snow.
One, two, and three flakes fall from snow.

( now shall we draw or paint? Just click on one of the pics for more info.)