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The Holocaust Scream PDF
By:Rachel Rosenberg,Robert Urban, M.d.
Published on 2013-02-16 by Createspace Independent Pub

Are you ready to meet the Polish Anne Frank who survived? Rachel Rosenberg is a Holocaust survivor of 4 Nazi concentration camps. Learn about her remarkable experience during the Holocaust and its long-term aftereffects. Some of Rachel’s struggles within the Nazi SS final solution were similar to the tragic experience of Anne Frank. Both found poignant but fleeting young love. Each had an attic experience and both were chronicler-victims of World War 2. While Anne Frank survives in her diary, Rachel survived and is telling her story. Rachel endured 6 long years in Hitler’s death camps. Rachel’s remarkable saga didn’t end with her liberation at the end of World War 2. Rachel had lost her idyllic community, her strong Jewish spiritual roots, her adolescence and most of her immediate family. So thorough and diabolical was the Nazi Holocaust that Rachel even lost her birthday! Rachel tells us about those terrible personal moments in the camps when Life and Love struggled against Death personified. On one of these struggles with Death, Rachel’s Love experienced that scream. That powerful Holocaust Scream is her biggest hurt. You can find out about that scream for yourself. Prepare to cry. Rachel was clever and resourceful. She was able to hide in the camps. How could she do that? You will find out. When the camp gates were finally thrust open, Rachel had to reconnect to all those things that we take for granted. It wasn’t easy. Rachel had to take charge in order to get through the post-war turmoil. Rachel became a beacon of help to many in need. Rachel and her husband Carl were interviewed by movie director Steven Spielberg. Some of her concentration camp and ghetto experiences served as background for the movie, |Schindler’s List.| Learn about Rachel’s encounters with Nazis in the United States. Rachel is witty and charming. Her attitude toward her Holocaust experience is truly remarkable. Find out how Rachel feels about the German people. Rachel is an example of the |leading lady| persona. What does it mean to be a |leading lady?| Rachel’s story unfolds like a kaleidoscope of images. There is a rhythm to her story, one that defies organization. The rhythm creates a remarkable connection with the reader. You will sense the rhythm as you resonate with it. Get ready. The story includes several dialogues with Rachel. In the dialogues, Rachel tells her story in her own words as much as possible. These dialogues reveal Rachel’s keen memory, insight, honesty and vulnerability. Rachel has some advice for those who may be in terrible circumstances. You can meet this remarkable women and follow the gripping tale of her life’s struggles. It’s time for you to meet Rachel. Come on in.

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Download The Holocaust Scream PDF Free

Download The Holocaust Scream Books Free

Download The Holocaust Scream Free

Download The Holocaust Scream PDF

Download The Holocaust Scream Books

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